How Many Treatments Will I Need?


A 3 Step Process To Internal Change


Step 1: Symptomatic Care


During the first stage of treatment your physician may work towards alleviating symptoms that may be causing you discomfort or adding to the complexity of your condition. A useful metaphor to describe this stage of the process is to imagine the many layers of an onion. The outside layers of the onion protect and hide the inside layers from view. In order to gain a deeper perspective of your health, these outside layers or symptoms need to be dealt with accordingly.


Step 2: Corrective Care


Now that the outer layers or symptoms are cleared away we are able to deal with the root of the problem or the underlying conditions that caused the symptoms to appear in the first place. This stage of care involves addressing core disharmonies or issues that may be contributing to the cause of negative health patterns in the body.


Step 3: Integration:


Integration is the third and final stage of treatment and is considered a maintenance phase.  This phase is integrating the healing that occurs in treatment. A new seed is planted. A long held disharmony or illness is resolved and the body is able to achieve a state of balance and equilibrium. The experience around this transformation can be a great relief for the individual and a turning point in their health and wellness.

Please also take into consideration that the amount and frequency of treatments required depends entirely on your individual condition. Typically, in most circumstances patients will have improvement in just a few sessions.  Many will improve significantly after just the first treatment.  

Our team will work with you the whole step of the way so that we may best assist you in obtaining your health goals.  



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