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      is a medical technique based upon the observations of the East Asian Medical system. Its recorded use spans nearly 2,000 years when physicians first realized the healing potential acupuncture treatment generates within the body. Acupuncture treatments prove effective for treating a wide range of ailments and conditions such as: Resolving acute or chronic pain, stress, infertility, women’s health issues, headaches, emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression, low energy and fatigue, asthma and respiratory disorders, palpitations or chest pain, gastrointestinal disturbances, aging-related conditions and more. Acupuncture use is recommended by both the National Institute of Health (NIH) & World Health Organization (WHO), see also: Treatable Conditions


      service2Herbal Medicines have been used safely & effectively for generations in the treatment and prevention of disease. Herbal medicines and combination herbal formulas are the culmination of centuries of Medical research. These herbal preparations may consist of as many as 10 different types of herbs that may be ground into a fresh powder, placed in pills, or extracted into an herbal tea or decoction.  These formulas have been used effectively to treat nearly all imaginable conditions, see also: Herbs vs Pharmaceuticals and Online Herbal Medicine Evaluations


      Herbal InjectionsHerbal Injection Therapy is a powerful therapeutic technique that is used to promote blood flow and circulation. It is most commonly used for stubborn pain conditions or tight musculature and works to release and relax the affected area. The procedure consists of sterilized glass cups that are placed onto the skins surface to create a vacuum effect, the cups are then left for a short period of time while they release tight muscle and connective tissue regions.


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      ANS Analysis is a 7 minute test of functionality in the central nervous system. The ANS can be considered as the body’s main control panel regulating all vital functions such as: cardiovascular, respiratory, blood pressure, and immune systems. Unrecognized disorders of this regulation may lead to organic dysfunction and disease. Using a technology backed by over 20,000 studies,  ANS Analysis creates a baseline marker and a roadmap to your health.  No other diagnostic scan can indicate initiating organic disorders earlier.


      fastingTension Awareness Technique is a form of progressive relaxation therapy that releases tension and stress accumulated within the body. The practitioner offers guided relaxation while the patient learns new ways to move, breathe, relax, use, sense, and feel his or her body. Patients are instructed to use these meditative instructions to release long held tension points that have accumulated within. Each session of relaxation therapy builds upon the previous one by incorporating lessons from the last and instilling core concepts so clients may develop permanent internal changes.


      myoarmsTrigger Point Therapy & Tui-Na are specific manual massage techniques that can be used to relieve muscular tension and stress. The techniques vary but typically tui-na uses rythmic compression along body channels manipulating and lubricating joints while trigger points are utilized for a more specific area or location needing attention. These techniques are employed for a whole range of conditions either acute or chronic onset.


      Nutritional Food Therapy is a unique concept in East Asian Medicine that classifies foods based on a body’s thermal properties. This means that foods are grouped into different classifications based upon how they interact with a persons specific body type. As you might be expecting there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to knowing what foods to eat, but rather a basic template that is used as a guideline. A food therapy approach is an important step in maintaining wellness and physicians trained in this dietary therapy will take the time with their patients to develop a set plan of exactly which foods should be consumed pertaining to their patients specific body types and health concerns.

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