• Online Herbal Medicine Evaluation & Consultation

    • Our Online Evaluation allows you to schedule an up-close and personal herbal medicine consult with a Chinese Medicine Physician from the comfort of your own home via Skype. 

      What is an Online Evaluation like?


      During your initial evaluation your physician will gather information about your current state of health based upon a Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Framework. Information about the nature of the illness, such as why you are experiencing these symptoms, and what you can do to resolve them will be collected.

      Additionally, a root analysis based upon lifestyle choices, foods consumed, and family history or constitutional deficiencies will be assessed. The goal of this evaluation will be to determine a suitable herbal formula to prescribe to the patient which addresses the underlying causes of disease based upon all of the information collected.

      How long should the Herbal Medicines be consumed for?


      Herbs are taken to correct physiological imbalances based upon the principles of Chinese Medicine Theory and are typically not prescribed as supplements. Therefore, the typical time frame for consuming herbs is from several weeks to several months, depending on the individual and the herbs prescribed. 


      What type of Herbal Medicines will I be given?


      There are hundreds of herbal medicines that are commonly used by practitioners of Chinese Medicine. You will be given a labeled supply indicating the correct dosage and content of the herbs, as well as the quality assurance that they are free from contaminants. Most herbs are dehydrated raw herbs that can be combined with hot water to "reinvigorate" them and be consumed as a hot beverage. Occasionally, raw herbs that require boiling may be prescribed under certain circumstances.


      What If I am on other medications?


      It is quite common for patients who may be suitable candidates for herbal medicines to be taking pharmaceuticals or supplementation from another healthcare provider. A Chinese Medicine Physicians training involves knowing which herbs "blend well together" and which do not, as well as which herbs can interact with pharmaceutical medications. For these reasons, part of the initial evaluation is a thorough assessment of the patients current medication and supplement list to determine contraindications.


      What Can I expect from the Evaluation?


      The evaluation consists of:

      • 1 hour comprehensive Health assessment over Skype or Telephone with a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and Herbal Medicine Practitioner
      • 30 day supply of custom herbal formula, shipped FREE anywhere within the continental United States
      • Follow up evaluation over Skype or telephone to assess progress


       How Do I Get Started?


      To get started simply click Book an appointment, choose the Herbal Medicine Skype Consultation and then select your preferred date and time for an evaluation. You will receive a response as soon as possible indicating availability as well as all the necessary information required to begin.