Nutritional Counseling


Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapies have been a work in progress for millenia. Food groups in TCM are categorized as being either:

Spicy, Warming, Cooling, Neutral, or Damp natured.

Each one of these food categories interacts with our body in different ways.  Damp foods for example are foods like milk, cheese, wheat flour, and deep fried foods. When one over-indulges in these type's of damp foods over time they may experience sluggishness, digestive problems,  or weight gain. Certain foods items like: wild rice, rye, lentil, garlic, lemon among others combat the effects of dampness on the body. Patients should choose not to over-indulge in just one category, but to eat a well balanced assortment of these types of foods.

Learning what type of foods are good for you and what type are not-so-good has already been done for us. We just need to adopt these principles into our own diets.

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