• Food As Medicine


      "Let food be thy medicine" is a quote by hippocrates some 2,000 years ago. Even centuries ago doctors knew the many benefits of consuming certain food groups, both plants and animals alike. Foods were prescribed as medicine based upon the state of illness of the patient. This was done on both sides of the globe, and in vastly different ways than in modern times. 

      In Eastern Medicine food groups are categorized based on taste, color, and capabilities of directing change in the body. Certain foods are prescribed for: Specific organ and digestive health, increasing or decreasing the body's temperature, and to control bodily functions.

      A Change of Perspective


      Things are changing rapidly in the world of food. Gone are the days of relying solely on the knowledge of calories, proteins, carbs and fats; this type of thinking is not the complete picture. At the research level new studies are providing amazing insights into the healing capabilties of phytonutrients, plant based molecules with various functions such as preventing disease and altering metabolism. 

      Changing your diet should be determine by several factors, such as: your current state of health, your constitution, food allergies and sensitivities, and energy requirements. By including in your diet and lifestyle foods that are best suited for you, you provide a stable foundation towards achieving health.

      A list of foods consumed are often discussed and evaluated as part of the initial intake and nutritional plans are often constructed to assist the patient in achieving health goals.

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