• What makes herbal medicines different than pharmaceutical drugs?


      pillsAlthough pharmaceutical drugs have their place in contemporary medicine, we feel that many are over prescribed and unnecessary for patients. In some instances, herbal medicines may offer an alternative route that has fewer side effects. Natural plant-based medications and the combination thereof may contain hundreds of organic molecules that synergistically work in tandem, creating a multitude of diverse healing effects within the body. Unlike pharmaceuticals, herbal products are typically milder on the system and cause less harm than prescription drugs. However, this is not to suggest that all herbal medicines are completely without risk as some herbals do potentiate or negate the effects of certain prescription drugs. It is within the scope and knowledge of a trained acupuncturist to know exactly which herbs are safe to consume while taking medications and which to avoid.

      For Instance did you know:

      • The leaves and the bark from the willow tree gave rise to the synthesized extraction of aspirin, which is now the most prescribed medicine in the world. Much like its use today ancient physicians used the leaves to remedy aches and fevers.
      • That Licorice, and its active compound glycyrrizic acid has been used in treating hepatitis and liver disorders.
      • Or that Ginger can help ease nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

      We provide many types of Herbal Medicines to treat our patients safely and effectively. On your first visit make sure to bring a list of current medications for your physicians records.

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