• Why Herbal Medicine?


      Herbal medicines play a critical part in the healing system of the East. For many generations physicians and herbalist have been studying and collecting all types of plants, minerals, seaweeds, mushrooms, and herbs with the intention to treat disease. Because of this a great deal of our 21st century medicine has been formulated due to the many naturally occurring medicines and plant constituents that have been extracted and synthesized from these sources. 

      Although both herbal and pharmaceutical preparations have their own unique strengths in the treatment of disease, BackOnPoint chooses to use only certified professional-grade herbal medicines, based upon the style and teachings of Eastern Medicine. For a full list of differences and risks vs benefits see herbs vs pharmaceuticals.

      Safety & Efficacy


      BackOnPoint chooses to use only tested, safe, and regulated herbals of the highest quality. The strength of herbal medicines are to be found in there gentle and gradual introduction into the body. In Eastern herbalism it is rare to use single herbs to treat conditions, but rather multiple are combined to create stronger and safer herbal formulas. Because of this combination most herbs are very safe when used under the supervision of a physician and many of which have been studied extensively and used for several hundred years or longer.

      Herbs are sometimes used to strengthen the body and other times they are used to resolve pathogens. In the view of Eastern Medicine herbs are used to help regulate and balance systems  that may be diseased. This is often the case in reproductive and digestive disorders. Other times herbs may be used to act as an anti-inflammatory or to increase local circulation to an area helping to decrease pain and increase mobility. The number of uses of herbal medicines are endless and it is part of the art & science of practicing medicine to be able to prescribe them in such a way that they do not harm the individual, but rather bring them into balance.

      How Long Are Herbal Medicines Taken For?


      Herbs are prescribed to be taken for several days to several months, depending on the condition. Unlike olden times when herbs had to be cooked on a stove in their raw form, now-a-days modern technology enables us to properly dose these herbs into granule form which is then consumed as a hot beverage. Keep in mind taking herbs is easy to do and generally the taste is very tolerable.

      To setup an herbal consultation or to have a complimentary consultation with the physician, please schedule a time to book now.