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Home Remedies For Migraines

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Home Remedies For Migraines

Home Remedies For Migraines

Individuals that have never encountered a migraine headache don't know the half of it.  It's not uncommon that headaches are sometimes so severe those affected cannot step out of  bed to perform their daily activities.

Thankfully  you will find a number of home remedies for migraines available to get relief from the pain brought on by migraine attacks. One option that will work from home is the Frozen Towel Method. Wet a towel, squeeze it and keep  it in the freezer for around 5 - 7 minutes. Now, take the frozen towel and keep it over your head and eyes. You'll notice immediate relief from the severe pain. Another alternative is to get a good head or scalp massage. Lie down in a room that's dark and peaceful and without any environmental disturbances. Allow a massage professional to gently apply flowing strokes to your head and scalp to bring you relief from the pain. In the absence of a massage therapist, you might try these massage techniques on yourself. This could be done by massaging the scalp and head by rubbing the aching areas in gentle circular motions.


Aromatherapy has been found to be very effective in relieving the painful symptoms of a migraine attack. In aromatherapy, the most  frequently used essential oils for providing relief from migraine attacks include lavender and peppermint. These essential oils are valuable in easing stress, tensions and migraines. Do remember that not all individuals find relief from utilizing aromatherapy. Ginger is one of the best solutions to ease pain caused during migraine attacks. It has a high content of anti inflammatory properties, that are beneficial in promoting blood circulation and relaxing the blood vessels. The consumption of fresh ginger or powdered ginger in a slightly cooked form could  also prove to become advantageous in obtaining relief from pain caused because of migraine attack. 


Althought not a home remedy for migraines acupuncture has been used for years in relieving migraine headaches because of it's ability to relieve muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders.  Acupuncture also helps promote the circulation of blood and oxygen to damaged muscle tissue.

Always keep in mind to consume plenty of water. Keeping oneself well hydrated is believed to be one of the most effective home remedies for migraine attacks. There are many cases where headaches could be triggered due to severe dehydration therefore it's very critical to ensure that you drink sufficient  amounts of water. Ideally, it's suggested that you drink about a liter of water daily.

It's very important to determine the root cause triggering your migraine attacks.  There may be various triggers for each individuals.  Some may  be affected by a certain food where as others are affected by excessive stress.  Determining your particular triggers may assist you in preventing migraine attacks in the future.

Listed below are some recommendations of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines that may be used for quelling migraines:

  • When a headache happens abruptly it may be caused by an external influence.  The pain is typically in the back or the top of the head. Other symptoms could be an aversion to cold, tight and sore shoulders and neck, and nasal congestion. The classic formula for this pattern is Ligusticum Teapills (Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao)  taken along with green tea.
  • Sharp, fixed, stabbing pain in a specific location may be associated with Blood stagnation headaches. Usually, previous traumatic injury caused the blood stagnation. Herbs are selected that move the blood and help to relieve pain, such as  Great Corydalis Teapills (Yan Hu Suo Wan).
  • Choose these formulas for a headache that gets worse after physical exertion, and that tends to feel better in the morning or after rest. Also dull pain which may be accompanied by fatigue and or poor appetite. Some appropriate patent remedies are Ginseng Elixir Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan or Abundant Qi (Shen Qi Da Bu Wan)

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