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Turmeric And Weight Loss

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Turmeric And Weight Loss

Turmeric is an attractive bright orange colored spice that can be found in an Indian marketplace or kitchen where delightful curries and other veggie dishes are prepared. Actually, turmeric is an essential part of spices that you see labeled as Curry Powder. Turmeric is derived from the root of a plant, and it's ground into a powder. For hundreds of years, Asian communities have utilized turmeric for cooking as well as for healing wounds. The great news for weight-watchers is the fact that this spice can assist you to lose weight. Here is what researchers have discovered so far.

Weight Suppressant

Curcumin is a plant-based polyphenol that is found in turmeric, and it's the reason why scientist desire to analyze turmeric. They need to discover all they can about its link with weight control. This ingredient in turmeric is said to help break down fats in the body. In doing so, turmeric may assist to regulate the body’s metabolic process and it can contribute to effective weight loss. Studies using mice have drawn attention and have led to more discussions about how turmeric may help curb weight gain in humans.

Researchers at Tufts University in Boston fed a targeted group of mice with curcumin added to the animals’ diet. What they identified is that curcumin appeared to curb the volume of fat gained in mice; the shocking twist is the fact that the animal feed had a high fat content, but these mice did not gain a lot of weight. Their fat gain was less than in another group of mice in the study that did not have curcumin added to their high-fat feeds.

Sugar Control

The inflammation that is associated with obesity is because of the presence of resistant cells, called macrophages, in the body’s fat tissues. These cells make “cytokine” molecules that can cause inflammation in organs. Scientists seeking for ways to understand obesity have suggested that if they can reduce the amount and activity of these cells with turmeric, it might be probable to minimize several adverse consequences of obesity.

During a Columbia University study of turmeric, researchers found that mice that were fed quantities of turmeric had a reduced incidence of diabetic issues and were not susceptible to problems of fat gain. They also had fewer liver issues than the control group. Turmeric administration was also associated with a decline in body weight and fat content.

The Results

With a lot of careful optimism, research attention is higher regarding spices that have been shown to demonstrate activity against obesity through anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Those spices include turmeric.

Studies have focused on mice and it might be too soon to determine if turmeric may have the same effect on humans. The signs are encouraging that turmeric can be used for weight loss and there will be more studies to evaluate regarding the links between turmeric, fat reduction and anti-obesity. In the future, more information is needed on human rather than animal subjects.

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