• Cupping Therapy Brevard County

    • cupping therapy brevard countyCupping is a safe, pain-free massage technique that is used to unblock tight or swollen areas on the body surface to promote healing and recovery. Like acupuncture and herbal medicines, doctors have utilized this massage-like procedure to assist our body in accelerating the healing process.

      Cupping is an ancient technique with modern applications, as seen more recently by Olympic Athletes who need every advantage for competitive sports. Michael Phelps, the gold medal record holder for the Men’s Olympic swim team swears by the procedure.

      The marks left by cupping are temporary and indicate an area of stagnation or compression, the darker the circle the more “negative pressure” and blood pulled into the area. Doctors and therapists are able to specifically target these injured or weak areas and apply pressure, usually over a few minutes, to allow the cups to work.

      Some variations of cupping involve Fire cupping, in which fire is placed underneath a sterilized cup to induce a vacuum, creating pressure between the skin. Pump Cupping is a similar procedure in which a cup fitted with a pressurized nozzle is placed on the skins surface, air is pressed into the cup to create suction and altered precisely based on comfort and therapeutic level. Moving Cupping is a technique in which a small amount of oil is applied to the skin surface allowing for the cups to be gently slid over the affected areas, typically used to promote maximum circulation, stimulation, and healing.

      Cupping is beneficial in many conditions such as:

      • Injuries involving the neck, and upper and lower back
      • Shoulder injuries
      • “Weak” lower back
      • Slow healing musculoskeletal issues
      • Connective Tissue Injuries
      • Muscle “Knots”
      • Cracking or noisy muscle impingement 

      Cupping can be used as a sole therapy or combined with or techniques to enhance or compliment healing. To setup a consultation to learn more about cupping please schedule a time to book now.